Saturday, February 16, 2013


He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Magazine #13 is the Winter 1988 issue. This one’s still prominently featuring characters from the movie (the ones with toys, I mean).

The Captain Power ads are really getting hot and heavy. We’ve got a spotlight on, surprisingly, the currently-relevant (at least sort of) Jason Bateman, although it features the never-relevant Teen Wolf Too. Make your own relevance joke about the Tony Danza spot on the facing page.

In this issue’s comic story, “Time Trap,” which also includes She-Ra (she’s also got the usual three-page story, plus too many items in the trivia challenge), Blade and Saurod are now slumming for Hordak, Gwildor uses the Cosmic Key to do penny-ante magic, and Hordak travels into the future why, exactly?

This issue’s non-He-Man-related content features spotlights on various Winter Olympians you probably don’t remember (like the vast majority of Olympians of all years and seasons). There’s also a non-He-Man activity here (which is pretty neat, actually – but think how much neater it would be if it were He-Man). Otherwise, the activities aren’t very impressive (two mazes?).  

No poster in this issue (not even of the cover); instead, we get some painted gift wrap with some rather amusing scenes on it.

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