Wednesday, February 13, 2013


He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Magazine #12 is the Fall 1987 issue. This one feels fairly sparse in terms of content – or at least, interesting content.

The cover is misleading; there’s no movie content to speak of within. What we do have is a spotlight on actor Peter Billingsley for a movie other than A Christmas Story (which means you probably didn’t see it; but, fun fact: he was also in Iron Man). There are also two more pages of un-He-Manly content here.

On the story front, not only do we get a perfectly coherent three-page She-Ra story, the comic story, “Rescue King Randor,” is by far the best we’ve had in many issues.

Activities include guidelines for do-it-yourself Masters of the Universe costumes (with somewhat more helpful pictures), another worthless connect-the-dots, and some other easy stuff.

Noteworthy ads include those for free Legos when you buy Jell-O pops, Disney Channel programming that includes live-action Dumbo and Winnie the Pooh shows I don’t remember at all, plus an exercise program led by a guy in a Mickey Mouse costume, and another full-page plug for the Power Tour masquerading as content.

Beginning a trend of posters that don’t completely make sense, this issue’s single Earl Norem poster features He-Man and Clamp Champ rescuing King Randor from the Snake Men, plus Ninjor, in Preternia.  

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