Monday, November 26, 2012


The Fastest Draw in the Universe! is a 1985 Masters of the Universe mini-comic written by Steven Grant and illustrated by Mike Vosburg and Greg Brooks. Here, He-Man and Orko travel to West Texas the Flatlands of Eternia, where Skeletor is plotting some cattle rustling on an economy-busting level.

So here we have bionic NRA poster boy Rio Blast and his ten barrels of 80’s action movie overcompensation. He’s over the top in every conceivable way, and, like so much from the 80’s, he seems a lot sillier now than he did twenty-five years ago. However, he actually fits pretty well within the setting (keeping him in his own demesne works a lot better than making him a palace regular, like Extendar, in part because he’s so overpowered and in part because he’s a small-doses kind of guy).

The story is entertaining, if obviously thin – Skeletor may make a dent in Eternia’s food supply, but are we supposed to believe there’s no agriculture, that the peasants of Eternia eat predominantly beef? And of course Prince Adam is lugging the Megalaser all over Eternia – we couldn’t have He-Man get outclassed in a pissing contest, could we? Never mind that he takes out both of Skeletor’s henchmen with a cooking pot.

The art is very solid. Vosburg does a nice job with the landscapes, and his figures and action are pretty good. Interestingly, He-Man has his Flying Fists shield rather than his regular one.

It’s inherently a little bit silly, yes, but this mini-comic’s a satisfying enough change of pace.  


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