Saturday, November 17, 2012

EYE OF THE STORM (mini-comic, 1985)

Eye of the Storm is a 1985 Masters of the Universe mini-comic. No writer is credited; it was illustrated by Jim Mitchell and Tom Luth. Here, Skeletor builds a storm-creating machine and unleashes it on the Heroic Warriors.

Snout Spout is, hands down, the lamest He-Man character of all time, and in a world populated by the likes of Extendar (who here is playing sports in the sun in full plate armor), Mekaneck (the poor man’s Extendar), Man-E-Faces, and Stinkor, that’s no mean feat.

It should come as no surprise, then, that this story serves little purpose except to give Snout Spout his one day in the sun, and in a very obvious manner. Skeletor’s machine is pretty cool, yet it’s foiled easily enough by He-Man and Snout Spout – heck, the climax of the issue involves Webstor trying to shoot He-Man with a gun after the storm fizzles out (and the merits of Snout Spout spraying water while He-Man is absorbing lightning bolts with his sword are highly dubious).

The highlight here is the art. Mitchell isn’t much for backgrounds, but his characters generally look extremely good – especially the villains.

Based on this issue, Snout Spout does one thing well: fight fires pilot the Wind Raider. Heaven only knows why they didn’t give him an issue where Skeletor tries to set the palace on fire.


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