Wednesday, November 7, 2012

ESCAPE FROM THE SLIME PIT! (mini-comic, 1985)

Escape from the Slime Pit! is a 1985 Masters of the Universe mini-comic written by Eric Frydler and illustrated by Jim Mitchell and Bruce Timm. Here, Hordak constructs the Slime Pit, which turns people into mindless thralls, and tries it out on He-Man.

It’s kind of neat to see He-Man unleashed by the forces of evil, although it all gets resolved about the way you’d expect (the “Sun Rock”?), and the writing is uneven.

He-Man sacrificing himself for the Rock People is noble, but horrendously irresponsible on his part – Hordak told him what it would do beforehand, and who, exactly, is supposed to stop He-Man from destroying Eternia? Not Skeletor, clearly. And at the end, He-Man ends up fighting the Horde under the exact same circumstances that led him to surrender at the beginning.

The Rock People’s Eternian immigration program is proceeding apace: they just landed on Eternia, and now have a village already. But all of a sudden, they’re pacifists (for the first half of the issue, anyway – convenient). And since they’re made out of stone, shouldn’t they be too heavy to abduct, at least without the Horde Winch and Heavy Duty Pickup (sold separately)?

The art here is pretty good, especially the backgrounds. Mitchell can be inconsistent with his faces, but that’s really the only complaint.

This one has some problems, but it’s an enjoyable read nonetheless.  


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