Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The Revenge of Skeletor is a 1983 Masters of the Universe children’s book; no author or artist is credited. It’s a read-along book with a record/audio cassette; I’m only reviewing the book itself. Here, Skeletor kidnaps Teela using the old jump-out-of-the-bushes ploy so he can extort He-Man for the Power Sword.

Abducting Teela is the laziest and most overused He-Man plot of all time, and apart from Skeletor threatening to launch her into space, there’s nothing new happening here (well, there’s the Power Sword burning Skeletor when he picks it up; let’s just say there’s nothing new and good).

About the only thing this book does that’s worth noting is that it recaps the origin of Skeletor following Michael Halperin’s series bible (he’s from Eternia’s evil “sister” planet, Infinita).

Like the previous books in this series, Castle Grayskull and He-Man and Battle Cat, the art is terrible. And what non-poor art there is here is reused from those books.

In short, The Revenge of Skeletor doesn’t do anything anywhere near well enough to recommend it.


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