Sunday, August 19, 2012

MASKS OF POWER (mini-comic, 1983)

Masks of Power is a 1983 Masters of the Universe mini-comic by Michael Halperin and Alfredo Alcala. It bears only a superficial resemblance to the cartoon episode of the same name. Here, two of Skeletor’s minions steal the Masks of Power; He-Man and Fisto pursue.

To fit the length, the story jumps right into things, but Halperin gives us an extremely solid tale: no bumbling, no incompetence, no foolishness. In addition to his propensity for alliteration, he also incorporates Eternian parallels to the Sword in the Stone and the temptation of Christ.

And Alcala’s art, with its dynamic action scenes, is a highlight again. (Amusingly, whether deliberately or not, Alcala follows the Filmation custom of storing He-Man’s Power Sword in hammerspace when it’s not being used – he’s also not consistent about including the tab on the harness in the center of He-Man’s back that the toy has*.) And at last, the mini-comics begin to feature the Filmation falcon-headed Sorceress (well, the white version).

A good story, fantastic art – this might be the first great mini-comic.


Read it HERE

*Yes, I pay attention to these things.