Saturday, August 25, 2012

HE-MAN AND THE INSECT PEOPLE (mini-comic, 1983)

He-Man and the Insect People is a 1983 Masters of the Universe mini-comic written by Michael Halperin and illustrated by Alfredo Alcala. Here, He-Man and friends journey to the center of Eternia to investigate a series of earthquakes.

It’s good to see Beast Man acting on his own initiative, even if he cuts and runs at the first sign of trouble. And while this is a story where everything gets resolved by He-Man punching things, it follows a logical plot more cohesively than some of the stuff we’ve been looking at lately.

Alcala’s art is excellent as always, with great underground atmosphere, cool-looking monsters, dynamic action panels, and religiously accurate depictions of the figures. Marlena’s looking more like her cartoon counterpart here, although Randor’s still a decrepit old man. And the Power Sword apparently doubles as a lantern.

Alcala’s art makes the difference again – too bad he couldn’t do all the mini-comics.


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