Friday, December 28, 2012


He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Magazine #6 is the Spring 1986 issue, and prominently features Flying Fists He-Man.

This issue’s lone story, “The Comet Warriors Have Landed!,” is an alternate origin for the Rock People – why we need a story like this after the mini-comic “Rock People to the Rescue!” is beyond me. The story itself feels like it could have been a Filmation episode, although it’s really been dumbed down. Kirschner does a good job again with Filmation-style art, and of making the Flying Fists metal undershirt look more like the Battle Armor.

With great painted art, “The Lake of Mystery” is the highlight of the activities, which also include the engaging (if obvious) “King Randor Radar,” a somewhat more helpful “Sketch Pad” drawing guide than previously offered, and another why-bother connect-the-dots.  

The He-Man of the Issue is Nathan Bitner, who won the Create-a-Character contest and, with it, a staggering prize package that’s still remarkable two and a half decades later even though Fearless Photog never went into production (which is a little surprising given that he’s way less lame than Snout Spout, Rotar, Twistoid, or the Meteorbs). For more on the contest and Bitner, look HERE and HERE.

There are also two Norem posters: the cover plus He-Man in the Laser Bolt versus Skeletor in the Land Shark.

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