Monday, January 27, 2014

Suddenly, the end…mostly

I have reached the point in my life and career where, while I’m not reading any less, mustering the time and mental energy to write book reviews that are worth anything has become a challenge. It’s hard to walk away, but the older I get, the more I find that the world gets by just fine somehow without my opinions on everything, much as I love to give them.

I began this blog in 2007 as a personal exercise to help me hone my ability to read critically and analytically. To that end, I consider this endeavor to have been a great success (and I think that if you compare my recent entries with some of the earlier ones, you’ll probably agree).

If you have derived any enjoyment over the years from The Book Review, I’m glad. If I’ve upset you with anything I’ve written here, I’m sorry; I could have been gentler, especially early on. Beyond that, I regret only that I never came up with a good name for the thing.

The Book Review will remain up in perpetuity; however, this is the final post.

And yet…like a phoenix from the ashes rises a new blog: This Masters of the Universe-only site will archive everything ­MOTU-related that we’ve looked at on this site (that content will remain here as well), and it is there that I will continue to take quarterly looks at the current DC monthly, plus whatever else appears in the future as well as the odds and ends from the 1980s that I missed the first time around.

Below, you will find my final review on this site. I think it’s an appropriate bridge between the two blogs.  

Goodbye from The Book Review, and, one last time, thanks for reading.