Friday, January 4, 2013

ENTER…BUZZ-SAW HORDAK! (mini-comic, 1986)

Enter…Buzz-Saw Hordak! is a 1986 Masters of the Universe mini-comic written by Steve Grant and illustrated by Bruce Timm. Here, Hordak creates Mosquitor, defeats the Sorceress, and schemes to enter Central Tower.

Randor’s getting in on the action? He must have finally gotten his own action figure. But it’s all to the good, and Grant also does a nice job with Hordak’s character and personality, as well as at hinting at the powers of Central Tower and what looked like, at the time, to be shaping up into quite an interesting expansion of the mythos (it really is a shame the line fizzled out before the towers could be developed much further).

There are some niggling writing issues here, though nothing deal-breaking. We’re told that only “the rightful king” can enter Central Tower, but in The Ultimate Battleground!, Skeletor got in without a problem. Also in that mini-comic, we were told that the Ancients built and sunk the towers. Yet here, Hordak claims he helped build it. We know that King Hiss is that old, but to my recollection, in no other 1980s cartoon or mini-comic is it suggested that Hordak dates back so far (although it should be noted that the 200X cartoon adopted this “ancient warlord” Hordak).

This is some of Timm’s strongest work on the mini-comics. The characters, faces, and action scenes are all top notch. Hordak taking out King Randor is fantastic. It could scarcely be better, and it ranks up there with some of Alfredo Alcala’s finest mini-comic work.  

With solid storytelling, a little mythos-building, and some outstanding art, this is one of the best mini-comics in the entire run.


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