Thursday, March 20, 2008


The Drawing of the Three is the second novel in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. It picks up right where The Gunslinger ended, and chronicles Roland’s efforts to “draw” three people from Earth, from various times in the twentieth century: a drug addict, a legless schizophrenic, and a serial killer. The reader is not told nor do any of the characters know why exactly any of this is taking place.

King is back to his usual style here: well-developed characters, a focus on minute details of personality, and his distinctive foul-mouthed dialogue, all of which make for engaging reading. The Drawing of the Three has plenty of action, including a couple of very well-done gun fights.

The Drawing of the Three is primarily setup for following volumes. There are some new characters, and we spend most of the book getting to know them, and we don’t get the background on Roland that The Gunslinger had (this is an observation, not a criticism). And in the end, Roland isn’t too far from where he started. Ultimately, this is an entertaining, necessary part of the series.